What a lovely dress--it looks wonderful on you.

Inge, you look stunning. What a great look for you.

Thanks so much, Anchie, Rachy, Sarah, Xtabay and Ledonna!

So fresh and crisp, Inge, and what a beautiful backdrop.

Stunning! You look beautiful and should not change a thing.

Great outfit in a gorgeous setting! Nice to see you Inge!

Oh my goodness, I love the casual ease of this outfit. It's great to see J.Jill pieces on real people, because I feel like they often look better out in the world than they do on the catalog models. What's up with that?

You are look so stylish and elegant, but relaxed. Stunning scenery!

Such a fun and sweet outfit! I love your ideas for silver shoes and pearls too! Great to see you!

Oh! A WIW from Inge! This post really makes me smile. The outfit is so breezy, and I like the updated retro feel of the gingham in this long tunic/dress. You look great, Inge, and what a lovely setting and day for a photo outdoors.

Inge, you look casual, fresh, and so stylish! Beautiful setting, too.

Wonderful outfit in a wonderful setting! You've inspired me to try that J Jill ginghan frock. I bought a denim dress from them last summer which I love; it fits my pear-shaped self well and is a lovely, soft fabric.

Ooh love this look! Cute dress and perfect with the leggings and sneakers!

I'm so glad to see this on, as I added it to my finds when Angie posted. I was a bit concerned about it looking like a night shirt, but you look crisp and chic, and as fresh and vibrant as the blooms surrounding you!

Thanks for showcasing the sensible footwear, too!

What a fun outfit, it looks comfy and the style is lovely for spring. Speaking of lovely so are those trees! Great photos!

Such a pretty and easy dress. I loved how you paired with leggings.

You looked lovely here, and such a pretty setting!

You can really rock the crisp black & white combo. Great choice.

Late to the party, but what a great easy springtime look and what a perfect location! I love a good arboretum or garden. You look lovely, Inge.

Late as well, but I love it! It just seems so right

Jaime and Scarlet - *smiling*
Jenn - I don’t have a lot of experience with J.Jill as we don’t have them here, but I see what you mean when looking at their website.
Jane - I like that you said “relaxed”: I feel very at ease in this dress and I think it shows.
Sharan - And you made me smile too!
Windchime - Ooh fun! I hope you’ll love the dress as much as I do (keep us posted?). And that denim dress sounds brilliant.
Beth Ann - I’m extra glad I posted then. And thank you for the sweet compliment:-) I’m all about sensible footwear these days (started wearing orthotics late last year, and I tell you, it’s not been easy to find shoes that work).
Lisa - The arboretum was just so beautiful!
Unfrumped - Ooh, glad that you think so.
Janet - Me too!-)
Anna - I’m so chuffed that you think so, thanks! I have to say it feels really “me”.

Summer, Bijou, Aquamarine, Robin, Dianna, Lyn - Thank you all so much!