Hi all, so todays offering was sort of built out of necessity and didn't have a huge amount of thought put into it other than 10 minutes of swapping out a few items quickly last night and knowing I really wanted to wear a skirt today. I needed to decide last night as I knew I needed to go straight from school run to have my flu jab, and then on to errands before coming home to work. Due to the flu jab I had to start with a short sleeved tee for easy upper arm access and something warm over that, hence a cardi. I haven't worn this cardi in for quite some time and it is long enough in length to be considered on trend I think? The black jersey textured skirt is very, very comfy so it wins points for that

To be absolutely honest, I'm not sure why, but to me at least something feels not quite right today, perhaps it's the purple plus black making a palette that feels too dark... hmmm when I take off the cardi I like the tee with the skirt. Anyway let me know what you think. Oh BTW I'm wearing nude hose today. Oh, and when I went out my green trench, black boots and spotty bag finished things off.

On a side note. I'm due to go for an eye test in 3 weeks or so. I wear reading glasses and long distance ones for TV watching and driving. I'm going to get more colourful specs this time so any suggestions of colours would be most useful.

Comments suggestions all welcome.

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