Well, Well, Well I think this ties in perfectly. My version of summer neutrals. Camo & Black.....what say you?

Gele Day is a MOVEMENT.
We've been in formation since 2012.
The Wrap Your BeYOUty Mantra:
"We stand beneath our tower of power.
We love like shower, We bloom like flower.
We wrap our heads like the Queens of old!
Our beauty is bold...
We shine like pure GOLD!!!"
And Queens Be Like...
"GELE” pronounced gaye lay, is an African head wrap/head-tie that has its roots in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa.

Last year 2015 was my first Gele (Gaye lay). Now almost 1 year later I am one of the brand ambassadors. One this journey that I call life I was at a certain place in my life. I was intentionally creating the life that I wanted. I wanted to surround myself with what I call the light. You know when you see others walking in their own beauty, power,fashion, style and grace. This is all manifested from the inside out. I thought that if I wore the right clothing everything else would flow. Gele is a headwrap but the truth of the matter it that it is about honoring self, loved ones,Mother Earth and father sky and the Universe essentially all things. Every Wednesday I will be sharing part of my journey and how I WRAP your beYOUty Movement.

For today I decide to take the women in my family to our local Veterans Memorial Park. This park was dedicated in 2008 to the sacrifices that our WWII veterans have made. I thought I would combine my love of the Army as a veteran and theWRAP your beYOUty Movement. For me all are intertwined. Having some of the women from my family there just made this more special to me. Honoring our generations past and present thinking about the journey we have been on together and separately.

I've included pictures from my first 2015 Gele day and what I wore. I hope you enjoy the visual feast.

Gele is open to all this is my journey won't you journey with me?

Join the Movement!

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

63rd & Hayes Beach Park
11a.m. - 3p.m.
(No entry fee all are welcome)

Pilar creator and founder "Ase O! Many blessings to all the Sisters whose beautiful souls are reflected in these photos, as well as those who were with us in spirit! . Sit back, relax and enjoy the energy that oooozes from these photos. I laughed and cried at the beauty of it all. If you have not yet done so, please like our page, WRAP your beYOUty Movement and continue to spread love throughout our communities...Don't forget to SANKOFA IT! & in all things LET LOVE RULE!!! See you all at our 5th year Anniversary next year, GELE DAY 2016!!! Ase! Amandla! Odabo! "

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What I'm wearing:
Knee High lace up boots-Thrifted from a Sassy Thrifter barely worn
Camouflage walking shorts-Thrifted
Gele T-Shirt
Camo abstract print scarf-thrifted
Earrings-artist made
Sunglasses-prescription ray bans

As always Thank you for lurking,reading or commenting. All are welcome.
1-9 Ge'Le' (photo shoot)
10-25 Ge'Le' 2015 pictures
26-30 Ge'Le' brand ambassadors meeting and photo shoot
31-32 last Wednesday Ge'Le' wrap look and meeting
33-35 Ge'Le' sight we will be at lakefront Chicago

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