OK, Angie and YLF wise women, I need some guidelines here. As someone with a closet stuffed full of all kinds of gear--skiwear, golfwear, gymwear, bikewear--what, if any, could I incorporate into my regular outfits? More specifically:

  1. Are some formerly taboo items, like fleece jackets and yoga wear, now acceptable as street wear? Or should I still restrict these functional items to times when I'm actually engaged sweaty activities that require this gear and resign myself to buying $$$$ "luxe" versions if I want to stylishly climb on board this trend?
  2. Does "sporty luxe" come with a bit of an age qualifier? Or, to put it another way, would the sight of a 65-year-old woman walking around in satiny track pants with a metallic gold backpack and white athletic shoes on city streets be a bit of a traffic stopper--and not necessarily in a good way. I know that, theoretically, we have the right to wear whatever we want at any age, but I'm thinking I might want (in fact, need!) some boundaries here.
  3. Do certain kinds of gear items transition more easily than others. I know I feel OK wearing my high-tech ski jacket with jeans and boots, but I'm hesitating about my yoga capris and top--somehow adding a bag and pair of heels to these items seems really odd. Heck, I even feel odd wearing my golf skirt and top into the market if I stop by to pick up some milk on my way home.

Any thoughts about what to where, when to wear, how to wear, or, even more important, what not to wear would be greatly appreciated. I somehow feel that this sporty luxe trend could be a bit of a mine field for those of us who have a closet full of gear-- and I don't want my fashionable (?) self to get injured as I try to navigate it.