A big yes please to the pictures from me

Excellent questions and yet awesome answer from many..... By reading only i got to know so much info..Thanks for the help

I'm another vote for lots of photos to show the difference between gear and sporty luxe. It sounds like a fine line and easy to crossover into no-no territory.

Of course, Gaylene. The devil is in the detail.

Pictures? Who would turn those down?

Yes to pictures, Gaylene, and I will post pictures as well when I get my suit/sneakers look together. BTW, your long response acknowledging everyone's contributions was pretty amazing.

I've not read all the responses, so please overlook anything that may have already been addressed. When I first heard the term " sporty lux", it brought to mind all those silky color-blocked, track suits with big shoulder pads of the 80's and I wondered if we were being groomed to return to that look.
As an older woman, I agree with Caro in oz that real silk and cashmere make the difference. To my eye, I don't want to see more than one or two sporty pieces per outfit, although silk track pants with silk bomber and fashion sneakers sounds doable. It is going to be tricky. I bought and returned silky track pants (polyester) because it felt too young and casual unless I was wearing heeled sandals and I didn't want to move that direction. This is a great thread.

Thanks everyone for the boost towards pictures. My experimenting might have to wait for a week or two. We are currently engaged in a significant downsizing at Chez Gaylene and are aghast at how much stuff we have stuffed into our house over a quarter century. Right now I'm wearing gear I dug out of the going-straight-to-the-garbage bag and my style cred, such as it is, lies at the bottom of a heap of unused furniture, gardening tools, and stinky, old camping gear.

And, Joy, that image of those color-blocked silky tracksuits with enormous shoulder pads was EXACTLY what popped into my head when I heard the term "Sporty Luxe". I've also got a pair of those silky track pants hanging, with tags still on, in my closet. Every time I put them on, I feel like I'm entering a time machine...

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This is a really interesting discussion!

Here's my personal take on the issue. In hot walking weather -- and in and out of stifling hot parked cars that have really baked in the sun -- sporty and gear items wick heavy sweat better and look sleeker, less messy than anything else in my closet. It was 106 yesterday. It's all about managing the weather with a nod to style. The fashion world could take a hint about performance fabrics and style and offer more. I'd love slouchy stylish items that weren't wilted rags by the end of day.

How did you find that photo of me Gaylene?

Hahahah, Caro!!!!

That is hilarious. I had half-forgotten those track suits, but Joy, you brought them painfully back. Is there such a thing as an "eye worm"?

I must say that the sporty luxe trend does definitely owe something to the 80s, though. No wonder those of us old enough to remember that decade need to tread carefully (in our leather high tops).

You may all remember those silky track suits with less fondness, but as a kid I just looooved how colorful they were. Especially after heading into the sea of black that was the '90s. Of course, I didn't have to wear them

Ok this is really bad video. But this is also not allowed


Hah Anna what a great find ^^ As an aside, how amazing was Bea Arthur's voice!? *swoon*

Great discussion. It's so easy to get sporty luxe wrong. Like Angie, I'm not the sporty type in any way but...thanks to the dressy jogger pant, I now feel dressed up, chic and yes...comfortable this season. I can't get enough of these pants. Here's my take on the sporty chic look. I hope you like it!

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pictures are good and with awesome pair of dress they will be awesome