Not yellow necessarily, lol, but this is what I meant... I’m not sure they’re called track pants too; however I think they are...

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Hi Jenn, you might take a look at lands end swim coverups. I have a black terry cotton dress/coverup that is very cozy. might need a hoodie or something for more warmth

rebekah, the problem with swim coverups is that they're generally meant for summer. I have that covered. I need something to wear from the pool out into below-freezing temps. Definitely can't be anything that leaves my legs uncovered!

rachylou, yup, I'd call those track pants!

I like the athleta soho joggers from the gap. They are slim fitting but I think they’d be easy enough to get on. Link below.

And then a kind of feminine criss-cross back sweatshirt. Link below.

I think the joggers are slim enough that you could pull off a bit more volume on top.

You would also need a nice sports bra, in the XL which seems to cover a 40 band. Link below.

yeah I was thinking a cozy cotton terry coverup would need some extra pants/sweats under

I did a polar plunge on jan 1 (!) it was awesome but sooooo cold! I looked pretty funny with a heavy traditional cotton robes over a swim suit, fleece pants under and uggs....maybe not the most flattering but it did the trick

I have a version of these - although mine have an elastic waist and elastic cuff, like a very fancy sweatpant I bought them years ago for nordic skiing and skating and general outdoor cold activities.... and just yesterday pulled them out to wear with a sweater to get some groceries (Canadian coming out of hibernation here) . They were so comfortable and easy, I ended up keeping them on all day. Two things I thought of for you: they slide on easily because they aren't skin tight and super fitted like leggings, and they are totally multipurpose pants. This pic was the closest I could find, and I copied the info from their website. And hey, in Colorado, aren't you practically required to own Patagonia?

Oh - and , I wondered if a men's cut might work well on you - for length and fit. Maybe?

"If you thought your day of boarding was cold, wait until you hit the town for some late-night festivities. Crosstrek™ Bottoms, made from our newest fleece fabric, provide next-to-skin comfort during extended movement, durability for season after season pursuits and stretch for the full range of active motion. Beautifully crafted from Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece, they have a smooth, flat outer face that slides under outer layers. A soft, napped inner surface traps warmth and wicks moisture to keep you dry. Flat-seam stitching throughout reduces bulk and minimizes chafing under a harness. A cut-and-sew waistband lies flat against your body for increased next-to-skin comfort with pants and hipbelts. The leg tapers to the ankle to create a technical fit and features anatomical seaming for additional mobility. With a zippered pocket on the right thigh for a media player or phone.

• Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece fabric provides next-to-skin comfort during movement, durability and stretch for full range of motion
• Cut-and-sew waistband lies flat on body for increased comfort
• Leg tapers to ankle for a more technical fit and features functional seaming for increased mobility
• Zippered pocket on right thigh for media storage

• Material: 6.8-oz Polartec® Power Stretch® 86% polyester/14% spandex jersey face with a fleece back. Fabric is certified as bluesign® approved
• Fit: slim
• Weight: 264 g (9.3 oz)"

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smittie, I like all your choices!

rebekah, that would totally work, but I want to look cute! Or at least feel cute.

Lisa, that style of pants looks like it would work really well. I don't think men's sizing would work for me, though, because I have a 10" waist-hip differential. The only hope would be if the 16 ran big, but that hasn't been my experience with Patagonia. Too bad, because I love the company.

kerry, I can't decide on those. The merino seems luxe and cozy, but the styling kind of reminds me of the sweatpants from high school gym in the 90s.

Hi Jenn --

I feel you on the strappy bras/tops. I am reluctantly "refreshing" my exercise wear [picky + hate spending on this category = bad combo] and struck out a lot with both bras and tops.

The try-ons were leaving me somewhere between bummed and fuming, so....

My workaround: found tops with interesting backs. Cut out any internal "bras" that ended mid-bosom. Used clips to convert existing regular, breathable bras to x-back / racerback [for low-impact activity]. Called it good.

Continuing to wear boring tanks over standard sports bras for higher-impact activities while keeping eye out for strapped ones that look ok-ish with SB under. Hrrrumphing.

Here's to ye olde exercise in 2018!

Vix, it’s crazy how big a style shift this whole strappy bra thing is, isn’t it? It seems like EVERYTHING is now geared towards them and the pieces that aren’t feel tired and dated.

A later thought... and a slightly different vibe from the sportier suggestions above: these Gap wide-leg trousers
are made of a very thick and stretchy cotton jersey. They remind me of
sweat-pants material (unlined, i.e. not fleecy inside). I own the black
and heather navy ones. They are soooo comfortable!!! (I hate
constricting pants.) And wide enough that they would be quite easy to
put on. I had mine hemmed at a long length to wear with low heels for a
leg-lengthening effect, and they can look dressy with the right pieces.
But I could also see them looking good with sneakers for a more casual

Wide-leg trousers
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I'm following along with interest.

Would something like the Uniqlo Blocktech pants work (fleece-lined)? Not sure how flattering they are irl, but they are a little looser, so maybe easier to slide into when skin is damp.

Or how about something like denim joggers? I don't know if they would be warm enough, but they might make you feel "more dressed" when going out for coffee or errands afterwards than activewear-style pants? And they are probably easier to get on than regular jeans.

Just adding these as an example:

K.M. I like those trousers! Those particular ones are sold out in my size, but that's a shape I used to wear a lot.

Inge, I would never have thought to look at Uniqlo, because my experience has been that their sizing, like many Asian labels, runs small. It looks like they've extended their range, though, so that's exciting! I am working on my poison eye with the denim joggers. The Mother ones shown on the model do look pretty cute.

Jenn -- circling back to say yes -- feels like the shift happened overnight!

Though I know as with any trend it started as an option but now feels like other choices are bland/classic. Which makes me laugh because I am definitely more classic than trendy so why am I so irritated, ha?

[A: because I don't really like moving, I just like the results of moving (stronger, less stressed), so lots of things bug me about the process.]

Good luck on your search! I found rotating in a couple of new tops made me less sick of my ancient boring ones.

I think Zaeobi just posted your unicorn pants on MsMary's loungewear thread.

I was just looking at the Uniqlo size charts, and they appear to have no relation to my body. Not just too big or small, but a comical proportional mismatch.