As I mentioned in my yearly wrap-up, one of the things I want to do this year is refresh my gear capsule, which hasn't been updated in a few years, and is showing its age. Every single item in the capsule is well over the 30-wear threshold, and some have lapped that.

Currently, my capsule contains:

  • 2 leggings
  • 3 joggers (1 knee length)
  • 2 hiking capris
  • 2 long-sleeve tunics
  • 3 hoodies
  • 4 t-shirts (demoted from regular wear)
  • 1 shoes
  • 1 swimsuit, with rash guard

My needs:

  • I work out indoors 2-3x a week year-round, usually a combination of weights, walking/jogging on a track, and stationary cycling. My husband and I swim indoors most Saturdays, and we hike regularly during the warmer months. I may occasionally attend a yoga class.
  • My preferred silhouette is relaxed on bottom and fitted on top, but I'll also wear the opposite. I don't like top and bottom to be either both relaxed or both fitted. While I wear t-shirts on occasion, I'm not a fan of short sleeves, and would prefer tanks or long sleeves.


  • My most pressing need is a to-fro outfit for winter swimming. A maxi dress works GREAT for this in summer, but I'd love to have something equally as simple to slip on that's also cozy for very cold weather. I thought about leggings and a sweatshirt dress, but leggings really aren't ideal for sliding over damp skin. Any other ideas?
  • I love the look that seems to be trending right now of a strappy sports bra visible under an open-backed top. Sadly, cute strappy bras are difficult to find in a 40D, and many of those tops come with higher necklines that aren't the most flattering for me.
  • I'm on the cusp between regular and plus sizing, so many activewear brands don't work for me if the sizes run small. (I'm looking at you, lululemon.)
  • My aesthetic isn't particularly sporty, and my fitness background heavily leans toward yoga and dance. I do the gym stuff because it's more convenient for me right now, but I vastly prefer the look of the former, so I'd like a functional middle ground.

Including some finds I like, but that may not work practically or size-wise. I haven't ordered a single thing yet, so I'm open to suggestions.