It was THE BEST DRESS SEASON EVER in Spring and Summer 2018. I added many dresses to my wardrobe, and so did my clients and friends. Sleeved, sufficient length, ample colours, flattering shapes, substantial quality and great fabric. I had to actually stop looking at dresses because I could have added even more.....

I had high hopes that the Fall & Winter 2018 colllections would offer a similarly brilliant frock assortment in heavier weight fabrics. I've been very disappointed.

  • I got ONE Fall & Winter dress at the NAS that's a workhorse, and that been it (#1). Everything else is back to my usual dilemmas: too short, skimpy, sleeveless, Summery, flimsy, bad fabric and the wrong colours.
  • Or I find a fabulous Winter dress but it's north of $600 - which I personally don't want to spend (like #2). Or doesn't come in my size. (#3). Or comes in the wrong-for-me colours (#4, 5, 6).
I am fussy and picky, and I want it that way. Maybe I'm being greedy, and an entire year of the best dresses was too much to hope for. Or I'm looking in the wrong places?

Soooooo, I have been wearing my older Winter dresses till the cows come home, which is fun too (#7, 8, 9 and 10).

Have you found the same thing?