Ugh, Taylor, I hope AT shipped your pants before they sold out!
Yep, suburgatory I stole that from TV of course. But it fits, some of the time ...

They don't have either color at my local AT so I think I'll wait and see if they show up in a few weeks. I really want to try them on before purchasing.

What fun to see everyone playing with this pair of pants! I can't picture this style on my body whatsoever, but would certainly try it just for kicks if accompanied by a sartorially informed person who could get in on the joke.

I haven't tried any pants from AT before and ordered my usual size yesterday. Hope they run TTS?

I was going to shamelessly beg someone to order these for me with free shipping and mail them to me (to avoid the shipping plus $25 surcharge to Alaska). But it sounds like they are all sold out? *sniffle**

They don't look sold out online to me, Una:

I already placed my order or I totally would've ordered for you. I can check and see if there's anything else I want from AT if no one else can do this for you

EDIT: Actually, what size do you want? I'll order for you!

I just checked on my order and it has NOT has been a week, they usually ship next day:( All of my items are no longer available, so why aren't my trousers here...they appear to still be available!

I am going to re-order these pants in 00 petite this time in the Orange razz-ma-taz and these may serve as my red cigarette that is so elusive to me...hope they ship.