I'm going to go try these on tomorrow. I've been looking for an affordable AND attractive pair. I have my doubts about whether or not they'll be flattering on my "hipp-y" figure, but it's worth trying!

Thanks, Angie!!

ETA: Oh, darn!!! They don't come in tall sizes. 31" is too short boo hoo!

Sure, Amy! Keep us posted. They are slouchy deluxe so I'm giving you a heads up. (Btw, I re-commented after your comment on this morning's post, so do check back

They don't come in tall sizes? Why I am not surprised I don't know...
Oh well, I guess I will relive this trend through others...

Can't wait to see your photo's from Chicago...4 events WOW...hectically fun!

Sveta, I wonder if a size 12 would be long enough because they are tapered. You just need them to cover your ankle bone.

Taylor, hope to cover at least two next week. First - the gathering post!

I believe I am with IK on this. I just don't see this trend as appealing, I guess because for me they don't fall far enough on the "flattering" end of the scale to compensate for whatever trendiness they currently have. They remind me of pants I wore many years ago that I have no wish to repeat. I find them flattering on very few people.

That's fine Janet and Dana! Your feelings here resemble my feelings about cropped pants - few people pull them off with a flattering dose of sass to my eye. Horses for courses for sure

The fit on the model is quite accurate:


Oh Angie, it is so painful: I really love that look and would love to try them on but I would not dare to order online with international shipping and duties because I am 90% sure they will no fit me...:-( I have ordered 3 pairs from Gap last week and none looked good...

So happy you found your slouchy pants!! I'll be happier when I see the amazing outfits that you put together with these two!!

I am with Janet. I wore this type of thing as a teenager (except not low rise, of course) and used to wish my mum (who stuck to flat front and still does) would wear them too. Now I have gone myself to more sleek styles and I can't see this looking good on many people.
Angie I know you can make just about any trend work, but for myself I am sitting this one out. Besides I probably wear trousers less than 6 times a year in total.

It seems like almost every trend right now is specifically made to look horrible on petites. *sigh*

Ooh! An 80's party...I am so there:)

Angie, depending on how much hem length OR pocket lining depth if self-fabric it is possible to cheat some fabric out and make belt loops.

Nice trousers! Especially that bright color, very fresh and fun!

I so don't think I'm going to like them but we have AT here locally and I owe it myself in the spirit of open-mindedness to at least try them on and see how they look and feel.

Ha! I showed them to my husband and he just wrinkled his nose. And then reminded me that I only got him out of pleated trousers a few short years ago.

I like those! AT trousers don't usually fit me right though But you never know. I don't know which color I'd go with...

Anne and Meredith, this thread was originally posted for those who were looking for slouchy trousers (because fab fitting ones have been elusive and too expensive)- you DO NOT need to like them at all

The '80s version was high waisted for sure. These are the modern reincarnation.

Sveta, AT's fits are better than the Gap - especially when you are pear shaped.

Vildy, that is a creative solution!

Deb, be sure to wear a splash of neon at the party.

I am really liking these pants! I may wander down to AT this morning if I get my errands run efficiently.

PS - I made myself a pair of red cigarette pants. I got the Kut from the cloth red flares and they shrunk horribly when I washed them. Way too short for flares. So I took them to my tailor and she made them into cigarettes...they were the right length for cigarettes. They are super cute now! I loved the shade of red and they fit great in the hip area so worth the alteration.

Vildy, that's brilliant! AT pants often have deep hems, so I bet you could find fabric there.

Meredith, I love that you're open-minded about this!

If the orange ones end up working for me, I'm going to wear them with my new snail print top. : )

Headed to AT later today to try them on.

LOVE those!! Will stop by AT tomorrow after work to try.

(Ohmygosh an 80s party! I'm so there! Wait.. I don't think I ever left I'll bring some Tab ^^)

Slouchy, harem-y styles are in all the stores in Europe, but much more trendy and less polished than these. Perhaps I'll have a look, but I am skeptical about the length. Stil, if Angie loves them...

I went to the Ann Taylor store and the clerk told me they didn't have them in the store. Boo hoo.

I ended up buying some white wide-legged trousers in the sale section for $30, so it wasn't a wasted trip, but still...

These look like a cool cut! Can't wait to see these in action!

I am going to try to sneak away to AT to try these on, maybe tomorrow night. Yes, I will be the sacrificial guinea pig for petite pear/hourglass types. No need to thank me

Update and Correction: No, I won't be trying them on. They are only stocked in the Michigan Avenue store and not out here in suburgatory. Someone else will have to volunteer!

Uh oh....just realized, although i placed my AT order Fri. I did get the initial order confirmation e-mail, but I have not gotten the ~order shipped~ e-mail I double checked and every item I ordered is sold out in my size except the trouser!! I am hoping they are shipped before the 00's are sold out too!! they should still send the order, even if only 1 item, but again no such shipment confirmation:(

I went to my local AT store yesterday and there were none in-store. It was very busy and I didn't have time to wait to ask the SA if the pants were not in yet or already sold out. But based on what Taylor said, these might already be very popular! Or because I (also) live in suburgatory (perfect, Laura!) we probably won't be getting them here....