These things happen when you STOP looking for them.

By absolute chance I tried on this frock because a client - (who is a close friend before she is a client) - said I should when she spotted it. The olive turtle neck midi had *just* been unpacked at BR. And since I am finally ready to wear olive and burgundy - I did not look away.

It's '70s Modern Retro, warm, comfy, versatile, practical, polished and fits well. It's easy to walk in because of the side slits. I feel lady and elegant in it.

Bless the KNEE COVERING LENGTH. It finishes at the top of my calf. Covers the tops of tall boots just how I wanted the midi dress too. Wooohoooo.

It's not body con. In fact, it's quite fluid through the torso and tailored on my hips. The waist is NOT defined. It clings a bit to my round bottom at the back, which I'm fine with. Why not showcase that curve.

I was wearing my flat black riding boots yesterday, and they looked GREAT with it. Came home and tried the dress with my tall ink dressy boots, cream booties, and new party shoes (see Finds). All work well. Lots of my coats work over the top too. OF COURE, I will be wearing hose. Does not cling.

AND I got it for $60 despite the full price. 50% off flash sale and an extra 20% because I have a BR card. Bonus.

MEANT TO BE. All good things come to those who wait. Be patient with your style. Relax into it. It will come right.