It looks very nice, Angie. I would probably like that color, too! (Though not a turtleneck, so I won't copy.) Non-body-con is a plus in my book, too.
I did try on a turtleneck sweater dress last weekend. I loved the pattern in the knit and the cutout design at the hem and on the sleeves. (Find below.) But it wasn't for me. Looking at the dress online now, I didn't recall it looking so high-contrast in real life; it seemed more subtle all around. I actually remembered the dress I tried as being all gray.

Angie, the dress you found is beautiful and everything I have been looking for: long sleeved, turtleneck, fluid, slim silhouette but not body con AND in green! I just placed my order. You have saved me a bundle of time. Thank you!
Now I am on a mission to find a leopard print duster, or long vest!

I can really picture this on you. Congrats on the find!

It is so often the way, just when you are not looking the perfect item comes up. Congratulations on being patient, way too often I settle for second best only to find the following week the item that I was really looking for.

I am sure it looks beautiful on you, Angie. Although we have very different body shapes I might give it a try because I was looking for a sweater dress and your recommendations regarding comfort are always very accurate.

Awesome. Cosy dresses are winter's unsung hero pieces in my opinion. Boots, a topper and you're done. You can even layer them over pants when it gets really cold.

I think I'll give it a whirl too! I normally wouldn't look twice because it does look body-con in the photo. I ordered a petite S & M just for comparison.

Janet, forgive me but you have a bangin body (as my teen would say). You should give the dress a try! We are similar shaped and since Angie said it was not body con I gave it a try and to my surprise I liked it. I don't own any dresses that fall below my knees because it just accentuates my hips which need no help in that department, but I liked the slits. I think it can be dressed up or down with accessories and footwear.

A non-clingy sweater dress? Cool! I'd love to see you wear it.
You've found some really good prices lately too.

Mnthsofthemooon, I second everything you just said.

Angie, my comment about posting pics was in jest—no doubt you will look amazing in it.

I just found my winter dress, but it’s still in the pre-order stage. Decidedly not body con, but hopefully both comfortable and flattering.

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate the kind words. I will wear the dress next week - with my tall boots.

Liz, YES. Cute over skinnies too.

Sharan, I saw that dress in blue in stores. It's lovely. Too long on me though.

Gradfashionista, I hope that gorgeous Winter dress works out.

Celia, Mainlady and AviahMariah, let us know what you think of the dress.

mtnsofthemoon, YES. The new party shoes are HEAVENLY on my feet. We were on the same wavelength when we saw them. Thank you for thinking of me.

I love this dress! I would be interested to know how you will wear the dress with the white bootees? What colour hose will you wear?

Another gorgeous piece. You are really finding some amazing items this season, it is your fall season, yay!

So happy you scored in your search, Angie

Turtlenecks more than suit you ( this is news !? ) and that dress would so rock, baby !

I’m sure it looks spectacular on you, like your Kamalikulture dresses.
I’ve seen a « sand » one at COS too, I guess they’re trending.

Such a fabulous dress, Angie! A midi-sweater dress is a true classic. I have one in a dark teal, so I'll sit on my hands to avoid putting this one in my BR cart!

I also would love to see the dress on you, and styled with the different boots and coats you mention.
And when you wrote: "Why not showcase that curve", I smiled and nodded! Yes, showcase that curve!

My dress arrived yesterday in the mail and I have to say you did it again Angie
The dress is everything that you said it was. I ordered a petite medium and it hits below the knee, straight fit without clinging anywhere, soft wool and the side slits make give it an elegant touch imo. The only color available online in petite was the olive one and I was a little bit worried but even the color is really beautiful, deep enough not to wash me out.
I am looking forward to wear it with my otk camel suede boots .
Thank you for sharing this awesome find with us.

Thanks, ladies. I'm going to wear the dress tomorrow.

Jane, I don't like the dress with the Bordeaux booties - not the elegant look I'm going for with the dress, IYKWIM. The tall boots (both pairs), or my cream booties look better. I'll wear nude and barely black hose (like a grey - VERY pretty).

K.M., thanks for the giggle.

Cee, thanks for being my t-neck cheerleader. You crack me up.

Isabelle, the t-neck dress is a bit of a thing for sure. Lucky me.

Celia, YAY. Very pleased it worked out.