WOW....i'm blown away....
the suit itself is the definition of fabness, but then add on the blouse and it takes it to a whole nother level...

Amazing!!! Beyond perfect - and how fun that you bought it with Inge, she must have been equally delighted.

This is a great lesson in being fussy and not settling. I love the suit with the shirt - it is inspired.

My goodness, this is stunning on you! (Hope the tea was flowing yesterday). I thought you were off of burgundy?!? And look how good it looks on you!

WOW. Thank you all VERY much for the awfully kind and gracious compliments. I’m blushing, and blown away.

Gryffin, to answer your question - fab pattern mix! But the fabrics aren’t a great match.

Nemosmom, if only I could find a Fedora that fit my tiny head.....

Suz, we can have suit parties together!

Mtnsofthemoon, our gold loafers are AMAZINGLY comfy.

Helena, tea is the answer to life.

Chris, I know, right? Arty fun styling on the S&S website - but you can style the items how you like.

MsMaven, you crack me up. NICE.

Laura, dead right. I WAS off burgundy…..until I saw the suit My watermelon specs helped.

Gorgeous and perfect for the holidays!

Ah, a delicious rich color, and quirky pattern mix with that tonal button down, mafia-esque(??:-)) and tomboy-but it suits and fits you sooo very well & love it with the gold fringed loafers!! (Can't wait to see the mustard velvet suit for another holiday look!:-))

A playful, modern holiday look this year! Your take on burgundy is very ”you” and I love it for that!

My goodness it look custom made for you! Just so gorgeous on you!!!
I LOVE it with the red accessories and gold shoes.

You could be a Mafia KILLA in that outfit, Angie... In a nice no " rat-tat-tat-tat-tat ! " kinda way...

Dutch. Dapper. Divine! Angie, your suit is gorgeous!

You are all SOOOO NICE. Thank you. First outing of the outfit on Saturday night.

Love it Angie. I don't much go for pattern mixing but I did like this one. Do you still have your last pinstripe pants suit?

Anne, I DO. The very old grey Theory pinstripe suit is somewhat sentimental.

Now, I have to hear Angie do an Al Pacino voice...

" It's nothing personal... It's strictly fashion business ! "

Aaah, that’s so perfect! I love the watermelon specs so much with it. This is such a special suit and very Angie, and it fits like a dream.

You look fantastic! I love this suit!

Oh my gosh I love this so much I can hardly stand it!! Well done, Angie!!

I just saw this post, and had to comment: WOW! I love this look, and it is such a vibrant, fresh outfit for the holidays. Angie, I'm not sure I can picture anyone else I know wearing this outfit as well as you do. The stripes, the color, the stripe-on-stripe integrity, the gold loafers and burgundy clutch, and yes, the watermelon specs to compliment the burgundy. . . . sublime!

WOW, ladies. Thank you sooo much.

Firecracker, your awfully gracious comment made my day. Thank you.

Pretty mobster I bet the suit looks nice with the sparkly rose gold shoes too!

Suntiger, good memory. It does. And with the new glittery blush mary janes. I like the gold loafers best though.

Smashingly fabulous and “Mafia-esque” festive is my favourite! You rule the holidays outfits as always, Angie and the best part is that it’s warm. It’s a challenging task to both look festive and be warm without sacrificing one of them.

Been on the road and missed this. What a brilliant find and love the blouse with it. I love how you dress to your happiness factor and find it absolutely contagious.

THANK YOU, ladies. I appreciate the kind words.

I wore the suit last night and felt like a million bucks. One of my favourite outfits of the year.

Did you get to " whack " someone ?

Who wore it better ?

Truly stunning. I can’t tell you how much I love this!

Outstanding. The suit was made for you Angie.

Chiming in late to gush about your fab new pantsuit! You look smashing in it and not at all jet lagged! It’s perfect for your holiday and other special occasion wear. What I like about two-piece suits is the plethora of ways they can be mixed and matched, in addition to being worn as a set. It seems this pantsuit and shirt have lots of potential for remixes.

Enjoy wearing it!

Cee, I hope I wore it better

Thanks, ladies, for being so nice.