At Scotch & Soda - a Dutch store, when shopping with Inge last week

You can buy Scotch & Soda items in the US, but they are pricier and the assortment is not the same. I've only seen my Bordeaux striped pant suit on the Dutch site - and that's why it flew home with me!

I matched the Bordeaux striped pant suit with a mismatched striped blouse. Loud but tonal, which works to my eye.

Reasonably priced. WELL MADE and FAB QUALITY FABRIC. Great fit. Does not crease. No alterations. Fun patterns and colour. Unique, comfy, versatile, warm, and will not date. Mafia-esque and Tomboy, but the tailoring, gold and colour adds back some pretty.

My 2018 holiday look with last years holiday clutch and gold loafers. New watermelon specs are a nice match with the clutch.

I've been up since 1.45am - jet lagged. Excuse my less than vibrant face. But I couldn't wait to show you the suit