Hooray!!! Gorgeous! Soooo good
I'll have to remember it being cheaper over there, if I make it again soon

Nice. The specs are a great finishing touch.

I never met a suit I didn't like!! Stunning on you! Love the blouse with it. Great pieces together and broken up. How do the pants and top look with your Boden blazer the navy with the dots? As long as you are pattern mixing......

I had not heard of Scotch & Soda until now.... Hello! OMG you look drop dead gorgeous! Love the stripes on you - not TOO mafia-esque... ooooh! You could add a fedora (maybe in tomato red??!)

Oooh! This is gorgeous on you, Angie! What a fun pattern mix, too. You look amazing in this (and not at all jet lagged!). A suit for the holidays is fab. You will get wear from the pieces as separates, too.

Perfect suit on you - looks really fantastic and I esp. love the color. Great with the watermelon too.

That is one fantastic suit! I absolutely love the pattern mixing/matching tones. Surprised at the color, but when lightning strikes, pow! You look spectacular! And I love the gold shoes (twinning from last year - I wear them a lot and also duplicated in black). They are like wearing slippers ;-). Jealous the prices are better abroad. Lastly, funny story but my son actually introduced me to Scotch and Soda a few years back. Unfortunately, I never step inside the store cuz I already know the prices are out of my budget.....sigh. Enjoy!!

So gorgeous! Not that you look a bit jet-lagged to me, but tea does solve most problems!

to quote someone we know...."killer to the power of killer"!!! Wow! Best example yet of patience paying off

I just took a quick look at the US web site and one of the first images I found was this incredible kid's outift...just had to share. How cool to be a kid who dressed like this!

Wow! Such a great fit for you, in addition to the amazing color and stripe mix.

LOOK at you beautiful lady !
This is truly a gem find for you , and Inge saw this in person !
The blouse underneath really pulls this all together beautifully , congratulations on such a happy ending to your suit search !

Extraordinary! It couldn't be more perfect. The suit is made for you Angie, GORGEOUS.

Sweet sister, this is gorgeous! Love, love, love!

Me: "Pantsuit?" First thought 1970s polyester pantsuits in ice cream colors.

2nd thought: Then Bianca Jagger's white pantsuit. Ok, this one was stunning.

3rd thought: 1990s onward political woman uniform.

Angie's photo: Wow, wow, wow. Never could imagine such a fabulous pantsuit. Looks like it was designed just for you. Can't wait to see how you style it in the future.

Fab pantsuit on you and in burgundy!
Enjoy it.

You in this suit are just perfection! I immediately checked to see how close a Scotch & Soda store is to me and it's only twenty minutes away -- whoo-hoo!

OMG!, Angie. Amazing suit! I love everything about it.

Fabulous! I love the stripe mixing.

What a find , and no alterations! Meant to be yours! You are absolutely stunning!

Ok, before I comment on the suit, this is your less than vibrant face?! This is my goal vibrancy. My goodness.
Anyway, the suit is so perfect on you that I am tempted to run over to the Scotch and Soda outlet that they do have here in Israel somewhere, but I will never find the same suit and it won't suit me anyway.
Sorry so silly this morning, you look stunning!

My goodness, you are absolutely glowing in this suit! Your inner radiance shines through, Angie. Love your new outfit! Thanks for sharing. #stylegoals!

You will be the envy of everyone at any venue where you wear that outfit. SWOON! Even better than the gold velvet.

Fantastic, especially the double stripe dynamic! Perfect and you look amazing.

Wow! This is stunning. Love it with the watermelon specs.

Wow, beautiful, unique and very "you"! I like it with the silver shoes.

Angie, I am speechless. You are perfection personified!