One of my fashion goals this year is to update/round out my formal capsule. When I cleaned out my closet this Fall, I was ruthless and let a lot of things (dresses) go. I've been slowly adding back, and have some items on order right now, as we I have our first event next week - a museum opening - "cocktail attire."

I think I'm okay for this event next week but I would love the Forum's help taking a look at the capsule as it stands right now, and making some suggestions of items I might add to round it out, and/or to take it up a notch -- and to think outside of my own box, because maybe I'm in a rut? For example, I keep thinking "a red clutch would be a great addition!" What do you think?

Pic 1 -
The whole capsule all together. Notes on the dresses (from left to right):
- The black dress is RL and it's jersey and it's my "go-to" dress for nearly everything, including work, because I can dress it up or down. I have this in sleeveless as well.
- The long sleeve lace sheath is on order, purchased at the Nordie's sale last week. I am hoping it works out. It would be a replacement/upgrade for a piece I culled, which was shoddy but I liked the idea of having a dress that has sleeves, surrenders the waist (for days I'm not feeling slim) and shows off the knees. Cross fingers.
- The silver metallic RL dress fits like a dream. Love it.
- The navy is also RL same version but with shimmery netting/sequins (yeah, I basically duplicated, Heh. If it works, it works!).
- The cobalt dress -- CK -- you've seen me wear a lot. It goes well with DH's tux. I have been wearing it in more recent years as a halloween costume (peacock, alien) so I'm kind of turned off by the idea of it as formal wear, but I leave it in here anyway.
- Lace skirt is midi length.

No maxi's. I've been debating about adding one.

Pic 2 - Just the accessories, clutches arranged by approximate size. Shoes by coverage. I do wind up wearing the tall black suede boots quite a bit, if it's freezing out, the event isn't super formal, and I decide warmth overrules all & I want socks!

Please tell me what shoes + clutch would you wear with which dress?

For those who are new & don't know, DH and I wind up going to a lot of formal events each year. "Formal" here is defined rather loosely: we have occasions that range from cocktail receptions all the way up to black tie. That said, the black tie events are usually not red-carpet level events, and it's okay, even expected, to have a little fun.

Dressing for the weather:
The season begins about now and goes through the winter. Rarely we have occasion to dress up in the spring/summer months, so bear that in mind. Most often I need to trudge through snow to get to the event. But I have that figured out: I just go ahead and wear sensible UGGs or cute flat oxfords to get there, and change into heels once I arrive. For outerwear, I have an extremely warm puffer coat with humongous fur collar. Yeah, it's a puffer. But it's practical when you are dressed skimpy underneath! I also have my cobalt Jcrew wool coat. And a cute cropped jacket that looks similar to this -- -- which works for fall/warmer weather. I welcome more stylish recommendations here but new formal outerwear is not a priority.

What DH wears:
He's got a closet full of attire, including tuxes (ultra formal and also one fun/funky one), and a couple of kilts, which he breaks out at any occasion possible. This is why you'll see I have shots of blue & green in my formal capsule - because it coordinates with him. But, I don't need to be matchy-matchy with him.

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