I made Angie’s Lime and Cilantro chicken (#1/2)and it was ah-mazing!! https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....drumsticks

It’s going into the ‘Family Recipe Book’! DH, who isn’t adventurous, liked the chicken, but did not try the mayonnaise. DS#1, who is a foodie loved it, and thought the mayonnaise would be especially nice with lamb sausages or a lamb patti hamburger. There was ample marinade for 12 bone in chicken thighs, with 3 pieces for each of us, and a 4th serving for DS#1 to take along for his lunch tomorrow.

I’m working with tomatoes and zucchini from the garden. We’ve had bruschetta (basil and onions from the garden as well) and I made a pasta sauce by rendering down some zucchini in a broth until it was mush. No photo, and it isn’t particularly appetizing to look at, but yummy just the same.

Quiche (with garden toms and basil) is a fridge staple around here (#3/4), where breakfasts and lunches can be catch as catch can with early am golf tee offs, and morning swims. And a peach pie (#5),because it’s DH’s favourite and we just started getting peaches from Niagara (about 250 km away, so kind of local.)

So, what have you tried recently? Any new recipes? New restaurants? Please share your gastronomic adventures!

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