The second I saw the post about the blue Vince dress, I went into some kind of FOMO psychosis. My brain was like the voice of the One Ring going "This dresssssss - you love it! It's in blue! There are hardly any left! You're gonna regret not snapping up a duplicate!"

Yet the original burgundy dress is sitting in my closet with tags on. Admittedly I adore it, and I'm saving it to wear in Toronto. But still!

I was busy at work all day but kept going back to check on the availability. Finally, I realized our Rack opened today, so I went by to see if I could check out the color in person. Well, the dress wasn't there, although every woman in town was buzzing around the store. So of course I had to browse, and I found some items that are much more useful to my climate. A couple of cashmere sweaters in edgy shapes and good colors, a little circular quilted burgundy purse, and a fake suede 70s style skirt for my winter capsule. And suddenly the blue dress was just another dress that I probably would stash in the closet and find useful only ever so often.

What is it with FOMO? Am I like a Pavlov's dog that is trained to salivate at the thought of a lemming item?