I've made a commitment to shop locally, either styles designed and produced here or in second hand shops, but I'm realizing that I don't know how to make it work. One of these days I'll have the money to support local makers, but for now, second hand is the way for me to go. I need advice please!!

These are the purchases on the horizon for me:
1) summer dress(es) &/or flowy, wide, possibly cropped pants (I should've never said never about that pants style--seeing them in the wild here is changing my mind)
2) 2-3 pr winter pants--watch plaid, a menswear print, winter white or pale pink
3) a pale colored cropped cardi with a little extra volume in the sleeves, away from my hands
4) a kimono-esque topper
5) a warm-ish coat, either of these 2 specific styles
6) a plum or basic burgundy blazer or long, slightly fitted cardi or similar (in my mind) topper
7) a topper for my “celebratory” capsule.
8) 1-2 things in my favorite “indigo purple” color.

I know how to do this online, easy peasy. I could have a few from each category in the right sizes & fabrics sent to me, pick my favorites, and be done in under a week, with just a couple hours invested.

A second hand store is a different matter! Besides the constraints above (& size, obviously), they have to be the right shade, which I'm not good at enunciating, and fabric I find comfortable.

What advice do seasoned second-hand shoppers here have for me? There are tons of second hand shops in Berlin, and a couple that frequently display items I like, so I'll start there. I'm hesitant to ask for help, because there are so many reasons I can't explain that might lead me to reject an item that checks all the boxes. On the other hand, they will know the inventory, so could save me tons of time. If I ask for help, I could immediately specify that a puffer jacket has to be velvet, or a wool coat has to be this length, color range, and have a "swoosh" at the bottom. Is that helpful or overkill? Are my categories specific enough? Too specific? What other things should I do/not do/be careful about?