I've been thinking about getting my mom a jumpsuit, and now see one that would work well with one of the items Angie featured today. I'd like to get her an accessory to complete the outfit. She has a stark white bob. Ponytails don't work for her, but headbands do. I think she'd find a wrap too fussy. Which, if any, of these would work best, a headband or the necklace? Also, how do you even use the claw/bow thingy? Pull back just the top section of hair and secure it in back?

ETA: Mom’s waist is 35” and her hips are 45”. According to the size chart, that’s an XL. My sister thinks that will be huge on our mom. I do worry that her shoulders are not broad and she isn’t busty, so the jumpsuit might slide down/she might swim in the sweatshirt. Has anyone tried either of these on to give us some guidance?