Hi all! Sorry to disappear halfway through a challenge that I myself proposed! Dealing with paperwork and lesson planning for new job, on top of trying to figure out holiday engagements, has left with me with very little time to participate and also very little time to shop. I gave up on taking WIW photos this month. Most of the combinations I’ve been wearing I’ve posted before, and I didn’t manage to do any clever remixing this month, nor did I really feel the need for it.

We’ve had a snowier-than-usual November, plus some record-setting cold days, so I’ve jumped straight into my true winter wear, no chance to get bored with late fall dressing. I suspect that in a month or two, though, my winter clothes might be feeling a bit stale, so I will budget for a mid-winter pick-me-up.

I still did a fair amount of digital window shopping the past few weeks, mostly while waiting on appointments or on the road while DH was driving. I made a few notes about colour/silhouette/etc and have a bit of a wish list written up. What I've noticed:

  1. I’m excited about dresses with tall boots and opaque tights/leggings for the first time in a few years. This is a pretty typical FFBO for me, but my winter dress/tall boot capsule has become pretty limited as I haven’t updated it in a couple years. I have four winter-appropriate dresses and I'm down to one pair of tall boots, and they have all been on steady repeat the past two months (and the boots really need to be re-soled...). I broke my shopping fast today by ordering these Frye boots (first Find) while they’re on deep discount. No guarantee that they’ll fit, but I’m excited about the look of them if they do. I have a couple dresses I’m considering (Finds 2 - 5), but haven’t pounced yet.
  2. Once there’s a blanket of snow and the trees are bare, I LOVE wearing red and burgundy accents against a backdrop of black and white. Or, more broadly: black, charcoal, navy/denim, and white/cream. Maybe a bit of rose quartz/blush mixed in, or deep berry. Right up until we had our big snows, I was much more interested in ochre, olive and rust, but these earth-tone colours feel less relevant against a grayscale landscape. Now I'm all about cool neutrals paired with blue-leaning reds. My version of festive?
  3. I do have a separate colour capsule I’ve been daydreaming about: hunter/spruce green and tan/cognac/sepia with black (and maybe more abstract leopard prints), but this capsule would be somewhat independent of my existing winter wardrobe. I am *not* interested in wearing brown/tan/leopard paired with red/burgundy (too much warmth), nor would I wear hunter green with red/burgundy (too Christmas tree). I don’t need a true “Garanimals” wardrobe, where everything goes with everything, but I do prefer avoiding one-hit-wonders. So if I add these two new colours I’ll be very picky about making sure I can create other outfits with them besides the one I have in my head. See Finds for a bunch of items in these colours that have caught my eye. The rich textures (velvet, cord, etc) are also part of the appeal. What I'd like to end up with: cognac or rich brown ankle boots, a dark green sweater or cozy dress, one leopard-inspired piece (it could be something as simple as a scarf or tights, but I realllly like the Madewell cardi below), and maybe opaque tights in espresso and hunter as a support act (not necessary, but fun).