Okay, leaving off my closet audits for a moment, I have a different question. (I hope I'm not wearing down everyone's patience with all these posts!) I'm going to another museum event, and this time the dress code is "festive." It's for an exhibit relating to gardens in art, and it will be mid-March in NYC. Our current weather is unpredictable. it could be a snow storm or it could be 70 degrees. Wet weather is a strong possibility.

I think this floral dress might fit the bill because it will go with the garden theme. I'd almost certainly have to wear a fitted cardigan over it. Is this okay for "festive"? I can only find guidance on that dress code for holiday parties.

I'm getting stuck on shoes. I have these silver Sarto shoes, but they may not be quite right for this dress. My other dressy shoes are decidedly warm weather. I do not own many heeled shoes anymore. I'm a little stymied here by the dress code and the month! ETA: This dress is longer on me than on the model. I'm almost certain it's just above the knee, but have to check.

In order to walk around that museum at all, my shoes must be not too high and fairly comfortable. The marble floors are murder on my back. I could probably manage these shoes, just barely. I know the next step is to try the shoes with the dress, but I may hold off until I replace my broken mirror. I'd like a read on the dress code first anyway. I also have shiny pointy toe flats with a jeweled embellishment somewhere (no pic as yet).

Another option is the holiday outfit I wore to a concert at the museum- dotted black pencil skirt and top with the same shoes. Less "festive" in a garden type way, but I know the outfit and the shoes go together and it works in general as a festive outfit.

ETA: I'm not worried about being cold in the sleeveless dress. I can wear as much ugly, heavy outerwear as as want and ditch it immediately at the door. That said, I will have to wear a cardigan if I choose the sleeveless dress (non-negotiable). I don't care how I will look outside, especially if the weather's bad. I'm more concerned about the shoe choice in *very* inclement weather, as I won't be able to carry shoes to change into.