I love fuchsia, one of my favorite colours. I always have some fuchsia items in my wardrobe. What a great selection of finds, the boots are particularly fantastic! And what a gorgeous pair of fuchsia tweed trousers! Your post made me long for the autumn dressing already!

I think I had a fuchsia sweater and scarf in my early 20s that my mother gave me. I may still have the scarf. This is not a color in my wardrobe (I recently added pale pink), but I enjoy seeing it on others.

By Jeez, that is one word you have to be careful with the spelling !

Very inspirational, Angie. I would definitely love some fuchsia items for fall. Gorgeous colour. And I remember Benetton's colourful ads very well--always a joy to see them.

I wear fuchsia with blue shades of burgundy too.

Those Benetton ads just made me so happy. I never had any Benetton items but I fondly remember the ads in fashion magazines. Those bright and happy colors just make me smile and I still love my wardrobe to be full of color.

Your fuchsia finds are so gorgeous and I need to add some fuchsia to my closet. I currently have a fuchsia pair of jeans and some tops in various shades of pink/berry. Some bootcut cords or some silky palazzo pants in fuchsia would make me happy. I also had to retire my hot pink/bright orange puffer coat last year and I am still mourning the loss of that coat, I loved it so much. So finding a new fuchsia coat would make me very happy.

I am also crazy about that teddy bear coat but unfortunately does not come in my size. I will keep looking for one though.

*Not my color*, but if you're looking for a fuschia bag, this structured one from Michael Kors is super: silver hardware, and two staps -- a long webbed one and a shorter leather one (listed as "shoulder strap" but long enough for the short crossbody that is fashionable right now).

I just picked this up in black and love it.