I love this color family and always have some amount of it in my wardrobe. My Hobbs trench from last year is fuchsia.

Saskia Trench
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What a great addition to your ink blue, watermelon, and citron, Angie! I bet fuscia is stunning with your complexion, too!

How fun! Can't wait to see your fuchsia combos in use; I'm sure they will be amazing on you. It's one of my good colors too, but I need some new ideas for wearing it.
I did enjoy Benneton in the day. My favorite coat of all time was a red - violet tweed from them.

Hooray, I love fuschia! Will be on the lookout for something fallish to add in this colour!

I like the deeper shades that verge on berry colors, and they look good on me. However, I don’t know why, but every time I get something in this color, I wear it a handful of times and tire of it. I can’t figure out what that’s about. So I will enjoy it on others. Maybe in a print, where it’s not so bold.

I have a few items in this colour and love them. All shades of pinks and purples are winners for me. These are my current fuchsia items.

I want some, too. I have a lovely fuscia linen jacket that I wear in the Fall but only for warm days because of the fabric.

Ok, well I have very fine wale corduroy, almost velvet like berry/ fuchsia pants that I wear in the winter with my black leather Moto ...so I guess I’m in

Give me ALL these shades of fuchsia!

So funny how those Benetton images stick. The recognition was instantaneous. Must have made quite an impression back in the day. I love fuchsia but rarely wear it. I have one sweater that got some wear last winter--hope it still fits. It shrunk a bit in the wash... It's a great way to inject some life into my jeans and sweater uniform. Can't wait to see it on the forum more creatively!

Fuschia is a gorgeous color, but one that I would never, ever wear near my face. Bright, cool-toned colors wear me. To make fuschia work for me, I would combine it with burnt orange, tomato red, or olive in a print or wear it exclusively as an accessory color in footwear or a handbag, I do have a pair of fuschia leather gloves that look great with my grass green winter coat.

Very fun hearing your fuchsia stories, affections, and cheerleading. Fab love for Benetton too. Many of you made me laugh!

Suz, we were telepathic. Great minds....

Marilyn, I don't know about the waist seam on the , but am ordering the dress in Sept - so can tell you then.

Sal, I prefer shocking pink too! Brighter and happier.

Suntiger, I have an incredible bright fuchsia man coat. About 6 years old, and it's impeccable. I have a bag too. See Finds.

I LOVE fuchsia -- except for remembering how to spell it correctly! It goes so well with gray and black and so many other colors. . .

I also love that Boden denim shirtdress, but I am wondering if I already have too many denim shirtdresses. . .But from the few Boden things I have tried, I have a feeling their stuff is cut for a straighter body with slender arms.

Not for me. (I was going to ask "does oxblood count?!" -- but I think my finds answer the question. That is, not at all! Very gloomy! Haha.)

I love fuchsia! And I.MUST.HAVE.THE.CHELSEA BOOTS!!!!

Angie, I've never ordered from Boden. The size chart says an 8.5 is a 39. That's what I wear in AGL. Do you think I'm safe with that here?

I'm torn...the black patent would replace my AGL patent booties that are still O.K. but will die one day. BUT, the fuchsia!!!!!!!

Dana I'm between an 8 and an 8.5 and have taken a 39 in Boden flat boots, if that's any help!

I love seeing those Benetton photos again and am looking forward to seeing how you wear fuchsia.

@notsaf no oxblood isn't same at all, but they look harmonious together
@Angie, I want to see the happy coat + citron wardrobe pet!

Fun! Boden has a bunch of dark purple too, and I'm eyeing that. I just added a burgundy handbag so I now have a burgundy complement and will definitely keep fuschia in mind as a potential color to add as a sweater or dress.

Angie, I too was an 80s Benetton girl. I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that I *still* have a Benetton coat, which dates from the early 90s. It's a pretty green fabric with toggle closures and a brown teddy bear lining and big hood. The lining has been repaired multiple times and believe it or not, I still wear it!

I would love to see your colour combos with fuchsia.

Fuchsia is one of my favorites as long as it stays more pink than purple. Give me all those bright happy colors!

This will suit you to a tee.

I like fuchsia. Well, the more magenta, berry versions. I’ve been thinking about a handbag for quite a while but really can’t justify it at present.

And notsaf, I like oxblood too

I’ve been sporting darker hues from head to toe (well, head and toes) quite often this year.

I thought it was only accidental I started finding my hue of magenta this season in stores but now I see it is on trend:-)-good to know, will have to stock up. (I already bought a sandal, a small cross body bag and a summery sweater, and am sorry I haven't bought me a magenta leather Zara slipper early Spring.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane! I totally remember those Benneton ads

I love fuschia but have been afraid to wear it since the time my mom said it looked awful with my red hair. Now that my hair is mostly white, I occasionally let a fuschia wild card enter my life. I snagged a great knit, fuschia, moto style vest recently at the thrift shop, so I am glad to know I'm on trend

Cindy You're back! Happy dance!

As much as I gravitate to red (tomato), white, and navy (also ink) I often veer to a hot pink or turquoise which complement them all. Definitely remember United Colors of Benetton! Maybe that's why I much prefer to wear all the colors of the rainbow instead of black.

Full-force fuchsia found at the market today