I enjoyed Notsaf's analysis of her favourite wardrobe additions and thought that it would be useful for me to also reflect on what worked best for me in 2023.

- Denim update - I bought three new denim pieces, wide leg jeans, denim skirt and denim dress - all have been workhorses and different from my existing denim pieces. I can see me wearing and enjoying these in 2024 without needing another denim refresh.
- Black toppers - cosy to wear and I like the minimal look of the coat and enjoy wearing black, my favourite dark neutral.
- Party dress - this is my default dress to wear when I am not sure what to wear, it works in dressy and casual situations.
- Bao Bao bag - DH bought this second hand from Japan (from the 2016 collection) in immaculate condition. It adds a wow factor to even the most basic outfit.
- Crazy belt, bought second-hand - worn at least once a week to give life to basics.
- Nike sneakers - for my fussy feet there is no going past Nike Airmax 97's and this was a fun colourway which co-ordinates well with most of my wardrobe.
- Favourite new heels which thanks to the platform are not too high - love the lime green colour.
- Slouchy cargo pants, the fabric is substantial but also supersoft and comfy - the perfect travel pant.

What I have taken away from this is:
- Because my lifestyle is casual my denim pieces get worn often. I like my denim pieces to make a bit of a statement.
- Accessories are a good way for me to add interest to my outfits and get lots of wear. I enjoy finding interesting accessories second hand.
- Footwear needs to be comfortable, I mainly wear boots, sneakers and flat sandals.
- I am increasingly wearing fluid fits and getting structure through waist definition.