Congratulations ladies, you all had a fantastic run. I read all your threads, didn't post but was a dedicated lurker. I got a lot out of your discussions, even got a few nuggets to really ponder in my own wardrobe journey. Best of luck with what ever is next!

Elizabeth P. Thank you so much. Take care.

Sterling, Joy and El Cee, it has been truly wonderful. I've never done anything like this before. I've gotten more ideas than I have mentioned from your posts, and I've gotten to know about you and your lives.

I just realized that I thought I didn't have a mint green item but I do-I found my mint green linen top yesterday in my summer clothes. Maybe I will use my gray scarf with it. Colors I never would have used together before-and I just realized that I have the perfect necklace also. I have definitely been more creative with my clothes since we started this and I'm more confident also.

Thank you very, very much.