I challenged myself to wear the items in my closet that have previously gone unworn due to a multitude of reasons. In some cases, I was "saving" it. In other cases, I didn't really know how to wear it.

This challenge was inspired by Janet's post in she reviewed her jacket collection and asked herself "why don't I wear it?" So I started asking myself the same exact question. If I can't find a reason to wear my orphans, it might be time to purge.

After one week, I discovered that my clothing options nearly doubled (that's really sad, if you think about it). I managed to wear an "unworn" or "rarely worn" item five out of five work days. But it was the happiness factor that surprised me. Wearing the items that I had been saving made me really, really happy. I was excited to get dressed. Finally, I discovered that rarely-worn accessories (bracelets, scarfs, earrings) are not the "purge list." They may not be worn often, but they are dear to my heart. I will acknowledge that they won't be worn often, but I will keep them anyway.

February 20: I bought this shirt (picture not exact, but an approximation) in January 2011 when I did a lot of hiking with friends. It has never been worn (tags stall on). Although I like the idea of long sleeve athletic shirts, I seem to always choose a 100% cotton tee shirt when I hike. Today I am yanking off the tags and wearing it.