Joy -- I really enjoyed seeing your full blush/navy capsule on your separate thread. Sterling -- I love your bold red blazer. It adds some color to a dreary day. It will be rainy, windy and miserable here as well. As I need to be out running around today, I am opting for warmth and maximum comfort. Two orphans today -- Loft Lou & Grey Tipoff Open Cardigan and Calvin Klein Ponte Knit Riding Pants. I will be wearing them with an Old Navy Sweater Dress/Tunic and black riding boots. I will be accessorizing with a silver necklace, earrings and a pewter bag.

Sterling, your black/white/red combination looks happy and crisp.
El Cee, your outfit looks fab. The dress over riding pants intrigues.
My saved-for-good pieces to be worn today are EF slim navy pants and navy knit jacket, probably with a blush tee and may later change to the RT blouse for class. I think my feel will be clad in silver sneakers or silver pointy flats. Coat will be the blush stadium JC coat. It will be a chilly, windy day, so a scarf may feel right. I hope the one pictured in Finds will work with the blouse.
ETA: wearing dark blush loafers instead of sneakers

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Wow. Both of you, El Cee and Joy, look fabulous.

I am finding that I really like wearing this white button down shirt. I may be returning to the style of button downs after not having worn them for quite some time.

I'm dizzy from all this style in one post. Got to sit down. Great post.

Sterling -- That is really great that you are falling back in love with your button down shirts. They have such a crisp, sharp look -- especially the white ones. They seem to elevate an outfit. I want to get back into wearing mine this Spring. Joy -- I am loving your capsule project. The scarf for today's ensemble is gorgeous. You could do a "Start With Art" capsule (a la the Vivienne Files) using that lovely piece. Do I see a hint of mint in it? (Your current capsule has a "Start With Art" feel to it.)

I am really learning a lot from this exercise as it is making me analyze why I am reaching for some pieces in my closet over others… so thanks again Sterling for proposing this challenge.

Linder51 -- Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am sure both El Cee and Joy appreciate it too.

BTW. I am a huge fan of the Vivienne Files.

Linder, your post had me LOL. Sterling, I've seen but have never tried doing a "Start With Art" capsule. The scarf is made with old kimono fabrics. I wish I'd bought more than one.

El Cee suggested "Start with the Art." If you have any interest, I found a great post that lists Janet's steps one-by-one. Also, here is a tool Janet posted that some might find helpful.

February 25: I have a full day: work, hair appointment, party. Although I am really trying to avoid wearing tee shirts at the office, this day screams tee shirt. I am going to repeat the Kut from the Kloth plaid ponte pants and add a tee shirt that picks up one of the colors in the pants. I'll add the long cotton cardigan for the office. I'll figure out the jewelry as I am getting dressed.

This is very much a repeat of Monday's outfit. I don't like to repeat an outfit in the same week, but there are subtle differences and I want ease/comfort above all else. Unworn item: Sugar Lip Treatment and pearl pendant.

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Hi all! -- After torrential rain overnight, the sun is shining brightly today and temps are in the upper 50's. Good day to wear one of my much-loved but lately ignored jackets and some bootcut pants. The orphans in this ensemble are a Treadstripe Moto Jacket (Lou & Grey/Loft) and a rarely worn statement necklace (unknown origin -- think I got it from a friend). I will be wearing these items with a new tomato red lightweight sweater from Old Navy and an older pair of bootcut ponte knit pants from Eddie Bauer. I have not yet decided on footwear -- probably some comfy Dansko booties as I will be doing a lot of walking today.

Sterling -- Love your outfit for today. The plaid pants and lovely pearls are the stars of the show. Enjoy your party!

Sterling, thank you for the links. I look forward to spending time later with them. Today is a half and half day, half housework at home and dog for grooming and half going to lunch and a Divinci exhibit with friends. On the home front I plan to wear the finds below. The Karen Kane stretchy nylon top is old and I can't remember the last time I wore it. It is also a bit arty in a dark watercolor way. It is a bit sheer do the dark blush tee will be under it. Later I plan to wear the same outfit as earlier in the week with the new Rebecca Taylor blouse.

Hi El Cee. Those Eddie Bauer pants are exactly what I have been looking for for my Spring wardrobe. Are they heavy? Could they be worn in summer months? I'll check out Eddie Bauer this evening. Perhaps I will get lucky.

Hi Joy. I hope you have fun with the Start with the Art posts. I always find those posts mesmerizing. It is because I am color challenged and when I see what other people can do I am stand in awe.

Sterling -- I have had the Eddie Bauer ponte pants for about 2 or 3 years now. They seem to come out with a version every year… usually in the Fall. Mine are a substantial weight (without being overly bulky) and are very comfortable and extremely durable. The fabric blend is 42% Cotton, 28% Modal, 26% Nylon and 4% Spandex. They retain their shape very well -- no bad knee bagging. I personally could not wear them in the summer, but my internal thermostat tends to run very hot. I do wear them for the other three seasons. I would love to find a straight cropped version (or even cropped flare) in a similar fabrication for summer wear.

January 26: Can't post too much this morning. Gotta run.

Unworn item: red blazer (as outerwear).

Have a nice day, El Cee and Joy.

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Hi everyone! Nothing exciting today, as I will be at home taking care of domestic concerns and catching up on some paperwork. I wanted something comfy and PJ-like, so I am going for a soft pullover sweater, boyfriend jeans (cuffed) and some cute, colorful flats. The orphaned item is the sweater (from Old Navy). I wore this to death last year and still love it. As it was a warmer winter than usual, I have just not been reaching for my pullovers as often as I have done in past years. I will be wearing the previously orphaned Eddie Bauer boyfriend jeans that I put back into play last week. I will be pairing these items with some Naturalizer tomato-red flats and a fringed stone pendant necklace. I will probably be spending the weekend in pullovers and comfy jeans and will, in keeping with our challenge, incorporate one orphan a day and post my outfits [however unexciting they may be ].

Good morning, El Cee. Great outfit. I want nothing more than comfy and pj-like today. I am leaving work early to return to my bed (and yes, I will be wearing actual pjs by early afternoon).

I am enamored with your buys from Old Navy and Eddie Bauer. I intend to look into these retailers in the coming months.

Oh, El Cee, those are beautiful colors. I want those loafers!
Sterling, I hope some rest will restore you.
I am tempted to abandon my capsule and try Angie's Friday ensemble for inspiration today, black skinnies and a neutral color-blocked poncho and black booties, although if I did drapey with navy and blush, maybe the finds below would work.

Joy -- That is too funny, because I almost abandoned today's plan for an all-black drapey outfit once I saw Angie's ensemble post. (I suppose I could have still included an orphan -- but, to be honest, would likely have reached for favorites.) You might have enough lovely blush pieces to create this look -- a "Blush Out"?. I think blush could be a considered a neutral.

Sterling -- Hope you can get some rest today. Feel better!

None of us have to wear an "unworn" or "rarely worn" item in every single outfit. There are just days when we want to wear tried and true favorites. They are tried and true favorites for a reason.

You are so right Sterling. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a "tried and true" outfit day. But… until this challenge, I was getting into such a rut and not wearing a lot of my nice things. Some pieces I have been "saving for good". Others I have just been ignoring for reasons unknown. I really needed this challenge to help me to go through my wardrobe with a fine tooth comb to see what I have, what works, what doesn't, etc. -- and to understand why I am gravitating towards certain pieces and not others. I probably also need to pare down. I tend to hang onto items for a long time, while still adding new things here and there. I really do not need as much as I have, but I love variety -- herein lies the problem. This has been a great exercise for me and I continue to learn a lot from it. Thanks!

January 27. I have a stomach virus so I plan on spending the entire day in close proximity to my bed. Flannel lounging pants, tee shirt, and long cardigan. I am considering the long cardigan my less frequently worn item.

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I have an educator's conference this morning and weather going from 20's to 70, so layering. I'm doing a version of Angie's spring layering ensemble from yesterday in a mix of neutrals. Unworn item: grey booties and animal print blouse.
Sterling, drink those fluids and feel better.

Sterling -- So sorry you are sick. Rest up. Hope you feel better soon. Cozy cardigans are great for bed rest days. Joy -- Great idea to do a rendition of Angie's Friday ensemble. (I may do it on Monday.) Your blouse is gorgeous. The pattern is so interesting… almost like a very intricate tie dye pattern. Enjoy your conference. It will be a home-based day for me. Lots of indoor chores and some errand running, so comfy is the order of the day again. The orphan item today is a long necklace (Stainless Steel and Lapis). It is a very nice piece and I really need to remember to wear it more often. Will also be wearing a striped tie dye tee, skinny boyfriend jeans, silver huggie earrings and suede pewter boat shoes. I will throw on my hooded denim jacket for errands.