Angie's recent coat post got me thinking.

Do I even know what sorts of coats and toppers would make an efficient and pleasing coat/topper capsule for my current style, lifestyle, and climate? I keep turning my head toward every interesting wardrobe item on the forum, without a sense of what is best and what is needed.
For example, I collected this Athleta jacket recently. Like you, I have a dressy underlying style, and this one is definitely more gear and, well, olive! But perhaps Olive is actually OK for my face, and it would blend well with my black, navy and burgundy items. And I do so love the back view, with the channeling pattern. I get so distracted by cute things!

I think I need to sit quietly for a moment and imagine myself going to closet to choose a perfect topper for that day's activity and weather. Are any of the current residents of the coat closet orphaned? Should I use this daydream-your-way-to-great-style experiment to make kind of Fantasy-Football inspired Team of Coats?

So, over to you: If you were drafting a Fantasy Team of Coats, what would you pick and why?

1. The Athleta Anorak (I don't own this item)
2/3: Coats I actually own.

I also have a:
* Lightweight packable down hooded jacket that I can wear underneath the black shell or alone, and:
* A black fleece moto that can go under the shell, as well. In addition:
* A 6 year old heavy duty EB puffer in red (It's a bit snug, and heavier, with hood trimmed in faux fur).
* A 15 year old leather swing coat in black. Great quality, longer length, but dated.