Fantasy coat capsule! I'm in!

(I am including jackets/blazers because I have a mild winter and four season climate. Or maybe just because I like them...)

Trench coats in key colors (I have red, navy and cream, all long and belted)
Blazers in key colors (navy and cream, one longish and one shortish)
Rain coat (beautiful pink/navy gear jacket, very spendy but very glad I bought it too)
Dressy/feature jackets (cropped light blue/grey dressy jacket, cropped purple biker style, forest green wool lace blazer)

I always have my eye out for the "perfect" jacket/coat but I am actively looking for:
a long, warm puffer jacket and a water-proof shell to go over it
a white/ecru denim jacket
a warm, wool dressy jacket/coat in a neutral or red

My fantasy coat capsule is pretty close to the real one (not sure if this is accident or not). I try to add or replace 1-2 jackets per year and this seems to be a reasonable turn-over rate for me. I would be interested in one or two "high end" pieces (Burberry or Smythe etc) but I would not want a closet full of them - I like to wear my coats

Thanks for the thought experiment Beth Ann

Fun topic, there are some lovely coats out there.

My real coat capsule:

Marmot Turquoise Raincoat
North Face Coral and Purple Ski Jacket
North Face purple puffer (also goes inside ski jacket)'
Vintage cream and grey plaid peacoat
Grasse Sea Green peacoat

I also have two leather jackets, two lightweight running jackets, three lightweight blazers and one or two other non-knit toppers. As well as a vintage fur coat.

I am very happy with my real coat capsule - I have something for all winter occasions. My winter is pretty mild though but I do spend a lot of time outdoors but mostly in very casual situations. I will replace my raincoat in a year or two but I love it right now.

In my fantasy world I also have a spring weight coat, not a trench, but something wind proof maybe in cream or toffee.

I am not as happy with my non-coat topper collection. I could do with a couple more options here.