No, it is not yet fall here. It was over 90° today, with only one day below 82° in the extended forecast. I am self-comforting by planning for my last Colorado autumn/winter. While I'm eagerly awaiting Angie's trend report, I made some notes about my direction for the coming season. Here's my plan so far:

  1. Enjoy mostly neutrals, with a few select colors. I liked having a lighter version of rust in my summer wardrobe. For fall/winter, I'd like a more saturated version of that, along with the burgundy I already have (probably not adding any more) and perhaps some rich mustard or toffee. Just a little. I don't want to go overboard on color, because I'm happiest in neutrals.
  2. Reinterpret old loves in an adult context. With the 80s and 90s (decades I lived through) trending, I want to think about some of the shapes and patterns I loved in those time periods, and integrate them in a more mature way. Think subtle nods to trends, rather than over-the-top interpretations.
  3. Lean in to my edgy side. With a move to a more urban, fashion-forward environment coming up, I'm suddenly wanting to reconnect with the edginess I wanted to move away from this summer. Fickle.
  4. Build balanced looks. Not too masculine, not too feminine. Hard and softness. Leather and lace. Not too much of anything.
5. Add judiciously. Especially when it comes to cold weather items. I'm not going to need many of them in a year.

This is all pretty broad. More specifically, I like the leopard/tartan that Anna posted. Texture, texture, texture. Embrace the wild west.