Man oh man I loved 90s grunge. However when I listen to it now it seems so dark and bleak!
Jenn I’m sure your style will continue to be as sophisticated as ever in your new climate. I’ll be intrigued whether LA style permeates your aesthetic after a while.....

What a well thought out plan, looking forward to see it all come together.

Jenn, I meant earlier in decades - Seinfeld is from 1989 onwards. Friends is from 1995 onwards.

Re: “half an hour earlier on Thursday nights”

Lol! Yup! I remember that too!

Jenn, you always impress me with the thought you put into your wardrobe, and the direction you plan to go. Even though you won’t need warm clothes after your move, hopefully anything you add will work in your new climate. It does rain there sometimes, doesn’t it?

I know, Angie, I was just teasing. Who can forget Jerry’s iconic white sneaks? So 80s!

jussie, my teenager listens to grunge now. In fact, he listens to a lot of the 70s-80s-90s stuff I listened to, with some new stuff thrown in. I could listen to his playlist all day, still!

JAileen, ironically (and when they're not in a drought), LA averages about an inch more of rain/year than here. The wet/dry seasons are inverted, though, and of course, no snow.

Thank, TraceyLiz! It's nice to have you back!

I KNOW, Jenn! Go Team White Sneaks. I love Jerry, but George is my favourire.

So funny reading this! I was just looking at the lovely over-sized coats that Inge posted and thought how "Elaine" they are! Until I saw these I didn't think I would go anywhere near the 80's.