Hello and happy equinox to all! A while back I started a thread about outfit creation and this led to the idea of a style prompt or persona related challenge that a number of people seemed to be interested in.

I have put together a list of style prompts related to my own style persona and the direction that I want to go for fall (which is basically to lean into the “girl on the moors” part of my moniker).

The idea here is to (1) provide a starting point for outfit creation when I’m staring slack-jawed at my closet in the morning, and (2) translate a big-picture understanding of where I want my style to be/go to the smaller scale of what I wear day by day.

The impetus for the challenge was #1 above but on further reflection #2 has actually been a huge sticking point for me. I’m really optimistic and excited about the potential for this challenge to help me translate my Endless Analysis into Actually Wearing The Clothes. Fingers crossed…

I hope others are still interested in joining me, either now or starting in a few weeks!

Some of the prompts below are quite general but others are more specific to my style. My hope is that you might be able to find some way of translating or generalizing the particular ones to make them relevant to you.

I have numbered the prompts so that those who like to really mix it up can use a random number generator to choose a prompt for the day!

I envision this being a quite loose challenge especially because I am rubbish at following through with very structured ones. (We all have busy lives.)

On this thread, I invite you to discuss the challenge in general, and post your own ideas for outfit prompts in order to inspire others. I may pull people’s suggestions up to this first post so that there is a master list of prompts all in one place. I might add additional prompts as I think of them too!

If you use any of these or your own prompts to spur outfit creation, please tell us about it by starting a separate thread — tell us what you wore, what the prompt was, how you put it into action.

I am so excited to get started on this and hope that some of you will join me!

First, some challenges to shake me out of my usual default to tall boots in fall/winter:

  • 1. Clogs with jeans
  • 2. Skirt or dress with clogs
  • 3. Skirt or dress with menswear shoes
  • 4. Skirt or dress with ankle boots

Color combination challenges. I like a lot of color in my wardrobe so you may have to adapt these if you are more of a neutrals person or if your palette differs from mine:

  • 5. Cornflower blue + plum (for some reason this is standing out to me as THE color combination I want to explore this autumn)
  • 6. Cornflower blue + teal
  • 7. Cornflower blue + duck egg (tonal color combination)
  • 8. Teal + plum
  • 9. Burgundy + plum
  • 10. Teal + burgundy
  • 11. Warm on bottom, cool on top
  • 12. Cool clothing, warm accessories/jewelry

Playing with accessories:

  • 13. Short necklace + long necklace
  • 14. Mismatched earrings
  • 15. Necklace + scarf
  • 16. Build an outfit around watercolor landscape necklace (a piece that just somehow encapsulates my fall wardrobe/look to me…maybe you have something similar?)

Pattern mixing…not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly mine! Again, adapt as necessary:

  • 17. Pattern mixing with fair isle
  • 18. Pattern mixing with argyle
  • 19. Fair isle + Liberty scarf
  • 20. Plaid + floral

New silhouette I’m trying to play with:

  • 21. Long skirt, cropped topper
  • 22. Long skirt for everyday

General stuff:

  • 23. Build an outfit around a top you haven’t worn yet
  • 24. Build an outfit around a topper you haven’t worn yet
  • 25. Build an outfit around bottoms you haven’t worn yet
  • 26. Pinterest-inspired outfit
  • 27. Outfit featuring a wildcard