I find it so interesting when people talk about "pandering to their moods" when getting dressed, or when they post an outfit based on some post Angie has just put up that morning. I am really not good at putting together outfits on the fly!

I do ok when I plan out a week's worth of outfits ahead of time, but I don't always manage to work that into my schedule. And if I just open my closet and say to myself, "what should I wear today?" I am instantly paralyzed! I know that probably sounds very odd, and impossibly remedial (and, it could be that this is just a bit of late-summer funk).

I don't think it's really a wardrobe size issue. I do find it easier to decide what to wear when traveling with a small capsule wardrobe, but that is because I have actually planned specific outfits ahead of time.

I am thinking that maybe the problem is that I don't really have a process for this. So I am curious what yours is! Tell me all about how you put together an outfit, do you start with shoes, weather, an accessory or statement piece you want to highlight, an inspiration word? And where do you go from there?