You have to keep on going back to BR, wade through the piles of okay and not so great stuff, and then BINGO - you find the gem. Intermittent reinforcement at its best.

I love short, fuzzy knitwear because it's luxe, dressy, super soft, warm, and cuddly. It sheds and irritates my eyes and nose so the right fuzzy is hard to find. I won't wear angora and mohair. An even taller order.

These fuzzies from BR are DELICIOUS. Like a vanilla and strawberry milkshake. They don't shed and aggravate my nasal passages or eyes. Fit beautifully, and don't stretch out. You need to be okay with the high neckline and lantern sleeve. It's short so fab for pencil skirts too. Layers well under a coat.

The pink is cool and icy. I fell for the cream because that's my colour. It's fab with my high rise jeans, chartreuse velvet pants, cream boots and glittery mary janes.

Not so great pics at the loft, but they do give you an idea of fit, drape and colour.

ETA: Got 50% with BR card.