abc, thanks for the chuckle. I like toast

Thistle, fab that you chimed in, and thank you.

Ohhhh Angie I was literally molesting the ivory sweater the other day in the store and had to stop myself because I have the Anthro Rosie Neira from last year. My climate is too mild to justify 2 of the same style.....darn. I will have to enjoy vicariously through you and others who get to take the darling home. Such a lux and cuddly sweater

You look beautiful in it. How tempting. And to make it harder, they are not sold out in EU BR online shop, and there is promotion going on.

Very huggable, Angie !

All three of you crack me up. Thanks for the kind words too.

Yes! Like mtnsofthemoon mentioned, I also have a similar cream-colored sweater from Anthro last year. It's like wearing a teddy bear.

This is so lovely on you and really picks up the white detailing on your jeans. I love this sweater with your pearls and the sleeve makes it look very luxe.

Laura and Mntsofthemoon, I had the Anthro one too - it went grey at the cleaners

Bijou, you're a honeypie.