The writing is on the wall - after 5 years of hectic Cropped Pants Trend - I'm adding more full lengths to my wardrobe.

The full length straighter leg jean with scrunch or turn-up - sans distressing - looks the freshest to me at the moment. So that was my shopping focus. (Modern Classic to some, but completely on trend and to some extent fashion forward).

It's been hard to find what I was looking for. Almost everything is cropped, distressed, extremely wide, too high rise, or mega sausage casing. Premium denim was the worst offender, (although the AG "Harpers" were a close contender).

On a whim, I tried the "Slim Jeans" from WHBM. They are perfect, and more affordable than premium denim. Tailored. Dark. Polished. Flattering. Versatile. Don't cut off my circulation. Plenty of length. Don't bag out. Mid Rise. Comfortable. Excellent with the heels up to 1.5 inches that I wear. Very practical for wet Seattle. Size down a size if you need a narrow fit. See pics. Wearing them with new Bordeaux booties.

ALSO, bought a new olive belt - (mega score to find one with gold hardware) - and Bordeaux scarf to complement new olive crossbody bag, boots & specs. See Finds.

THAT SAID: Crops are excellent at showcasing footwear, which full lengths do not. I will continue to wear crops because they work well with my footwear, are trendy, as well as practical.

Excuse my brevity in the comments here. Working with a client.