Thanks, Momo.

Yay, Beth. The SA is ill-informed. These jeans do not stretch out AT ALL. It's amazing! You do need to go down a size if you need a narrow fit - which you do. I'm glad you stuck to the size you got. Enjoy. I might get a second pair because I wear them a LOT.

Field report #3. I tried these today at the store. I agree with all of the positive comments. Great fabric, great length, mid rise, minimal gaping at the waist. They also come in "short" if you'd prefer a shorter length. I normally wear a size 6 pant, but the size 2 in this jean fit the best. The only reason I didn't buy them was that they were a bit snug on my 14 inch calves. In bending down and getting up, they didn't move back into place w/o my adjusting them. Other than that, they were beautiful jeans. Thank you for the recommendation Angie!

Thanks, Angie. The SA was quite confident I needed to go down to 00R but I already had your voice in my head and I held firm! In fact, I had your pictures open on my phone as I was trying to get the fit to look like yours! I'm still pondering the 2R because they were less tight in the legs.

Dottie, thanks for the validation.

Beth, thanks for taking my suggestion to heart. (((HUGS))) - and hugs for Tango too.

Rachy and Linder51, you're sweet.