I'm updating my trendy jeans capsule in three ways: adding a pair of embroidered jeans for Spring & Summer is one of the ways. 

At first, I wanted a tonal embroidery in darker denim. But them thought - what the heck - why not go maximal with high contrast embroidery on light denim. In for a penny, in for a pound. 

I found these at Bloomies. They gave me a 20% discount because there was a problem with using MasterCard on the site. NICE. 

Fit is fab, although the front rise at 8 inches feels low after my high rise styles! Stretchy but VERY thick so the jeans feel very substantial. Going to work on curvier and straighter body types.

I hacked off the part of the released hem that was dark blue because it looked too RATE for my style. The all light denim looks prettier and more polished to my eye. They shorten my leg line, and I had to get used to the bright flowers on my jeans. It was quite jarring at first - but the jeans DO make me happy. I love the flowers, and how they feel on my body. I couldn't ignore that emotion, so I kept them. (DON"T TAKE THE EMOTION OUT OF YOUR SHOPPING DECISIONS).  

They work with soooo much in my wardrobe. A very easy incorporation. I might tire of them after a shorter while, but am willing to take that risk. I want the controlled trendy injection that makes me happy because that's also part of my style.