The length on you is much nicer than the model's which looks short even with the booties. These are fantastic and I don't think you will tire of them for a very long time! The gold shoes are the icing on the cake!

What fun jeans! These will be really cute with the reds and oranges that you wear, Love them with the gold loafers.

now these say spring! i bet these look wonderful with your new red shoes.

Fun! Love that you went for them. That is inspiring!

Those are so pretty! I love them with the soft apricot -- fun pairing. Feminine and fun.

Thanks sooo much, ladies. Wore them yesterday - with orange sherbet top, citron coat, turquoise bag and white boots - and LOVE them. I'm completely used to seeing big red flowers on my legs.

Emily K, thanks for your attention to detail. YES. Great with turquoise. See below.

Tanya, Donna and Janet, I hope you find your embroidered jeans.

UmmLila, love your jeans.

Those are indeed fresh and pretty! Surprisingly versatile, I think also.

I could copy that outfit almost completely. I bought that same sweater last fall. I have an old peacoat that is not citron but maybe lemon meringue yellow. And I've got white boots. No turquoise bag though (something in the bright blue/green/teal family is on my mental horizon though.)

Hi five, UmmLila. Lets see your look. Today, I'm wearing the jeans with my orange jumper - and the rest of the Finds below. Casual. (It's cold. 4 degrees C). The jeans match most of my wardrobe.

Those are gorgeous Angie! I can see why you pounced, the colour scheme is so perfect for you.

Love them. Tempted to add them to my wish list for spring. I need some brightness in my wardrobe.

Clever adjustment to the hem Angie!
That model must be very tall.

Very pretty on you, Angie. It is a bonus to have the flowers in your favorite tomato red - of course they go with so much in your wardrobe.
You got me tempted to try the embroidered trend. It did no speak to me before but now it is growing on me...

Love, love, love them. How perfect!

I love the colors you paired them with and how you personalized them. I would have gone matchy matchy out of habit, so thank you for showing us how you did it!
I am tempted to get a tiger patch from Etsy (like Gucci) and put them on jeans I already own.
And yes, the emotional impact is so important and one I'm in the habit of minimizing.

Angie these are so fab and I love the ensembles you show above. May have to have a look around for something similar!

I can't help but admire how well the flowers look with the gold shoes. I am curious, will a flower print work not only in the spring months, but also into the summer months too? I've seen a lot of spring flowers and am curious if this is a one season item. And the idea of embroidered jeans, has perked my interest. The only detail on jeans I often see is a LOT of bling, and that's usually on jeans specifically made for cowboy boots (and all on the pockets).

Awesome I found a similar pair last season . Love the shoes with this and envy your ability to rock the flats, my curvy petite body and cropped pants need a heel!

Those are darling! And with your affection for Spring fashion and that particular shade of tomato red, a complete no-brainer. I love your constant admonition to "keep the emotion" in clothes shopping--and I'm doing my best to follow it.

Angie, do you think that these jeans would work on someone who is only 5'2"? I'm concerned not only about the length but the placement of the knee--sometimes the fading or flaring doesn't start at the right spot when someone is shorter than average.

I love this jeans so much that I started looking for something similar in Desigual shop. Bu my in house fashion critic was completely against idea. Mom, you are not teenager anymore. Kids

Aw, looks fab and so exciting, for you! Pictie nr 2 is before of after hacking the darker hem? Just curious!

Thanks for showing us how you wore these - very helpful. It also shows me how important it is for me to figure out my best colors and work my wardrobe around that.

Thank you, ladies. I'm going to wear them tomorrow again.

I don't think so, Gigi. You can't hack off the length.

Anchie, you crack me up.

Lyn67, it's after the hack.