Excuse my brevity today - I will be back on the forum fully tomorrow.

These are GREAT. My clients bought them and so did I. VERY comfortable, warm, and with a forgiving fit on the tights, belly area and bottom. Fits a straighter and gently curvy body type quite well. The clever stretch is in the right place, and the thick fabric helps create a better fit (not clingy). They do not bag out, although they are not tight (which I like). The light on the velveteen in the pic accentuates the whiskering - which looks better in person.

They are okay on larger calves when you wear a larger size. Available in longs and shorts. Tall girls should get the longs. They are NOT a ribbed corduroy, but a fun, on trend and very wearable velveteen. Casual but not that casual. They look both casual and dressy. For me, they are an alternative to dark wash jeans that I wear at any time of day. NICE to change things up. The burgundy is less eggplant than in the stock photo. The fit, length and drape is quite accurate in the video.

I like them best with an UNTUCKED top, which is surprising. Do not like these with a semi-tucked top.

I got them for 50% off, and then another 20% off because of my BR card. Unexpected score.