All of us have a clothing budget, but they are all different. I grew up in a family that basically shopped for clothes at Wal-Mart, Target, Khols, JC Penney, Dillards, and Jones Store (now Macy’s in our area), and then we only bought things on sale. As a result I tend to buy cheep clothes. However, I also was able to spend all of my own money on clothes, so I just saved it up and spent a ton at once. I can’t do that now that I’m married.

Right now we have a clothing budget of $100 a month. That is for all of my clothes and my husband’s clothes and includes our shoes, my accessories, and expensive things like bras. My husband suggests that I only spend $50 most months so if I find something special I can buy it. I find myself shopping and coming home empty handed frequently. I’m afraid to buy things full price. In fact, I find it difficult to spend more that $25 on any one item.

I went to a wonderful nearby mall the other day (one I’ve only been to once or twice) and saw so many stores full of beautiful clothes, but didn’t buy any. My current dilemma is the fact that I’m in love with the yellow cardigan Angie posted the other day from BR.
But I can’t even bring myself to try it on because it costs $64. Is that expensive? It seems expensive to me, because it’s over 1/12 or my budget for the whole year (assuming I only get half and my husband gets the other half). So I don’t even know if I’d look good in it. It’s not just the cardigan though. I’m trying to update my wardrobe and shop at nice stores like BR and Nordstrom, but I’m not sure I can afford it. Any suggestions? Do these stores ever have sales that bring items down to under $25?