For off beat styles and value for money, try some clothing, especially long skirts and bags at They have got a very unique collection of skirts - some of those designs are like what you find at urban outfitter for 70 bucks, when you can find them for way under 30 from

For those who don't know BR is having a coupon sale right now. See their website; it also works at the store. This ends Sat. but they're starting another one Sun. (15% off or 20 if you have the credit card.)
Another thought that dawned on me-- you can go a long way with polish. I think that you can look fab without spending much on clothes as long as you pay attention to the polish details-- fit, pant length, hair, cleanliness, ironing, etc. Angie has a blog post on this.

Thanks for the tip on buying bras online, Nicole. I’ll definitely try that since the one good bra I have cost me over $80. That’s almost the whole month’s budget for the two of us!

And thank you so much for the websites Tanya. Those will deftly help when I know my size well enough to make online purchases with confidence.

Thanks for you input Maya. Making a physical list and prioritizing it should help. Someday I’ll try your ebay methods when I know my size in various brands.

I missed the BR sale, because I haven’t been on this site much lately. I have too many research papers right now and don’t have a lot of free time.

Thank you everyone for all of your helpful suggestions.