Love #4. The color near your face is so pretty, and the combination with the bottoms is nice. I like the idea of thrifting as a way to get designer or very high quality pieces for less, and to reduce environmental impact. I’ve just never had any luck. You have perfected the process and should write a book for the rest of us, Jaime!

Sal Thank you - I am all about the shoes as contrast!
Thank you Staysfit! As I get older I think brights are even more important to give me some life .
My goodness Kyle you made my day with your comment. I don't know about a book, but you might have inspired a very long post , thank you!

1 and 4 are my favorites. The bag in 1 looks so good, but I know what you mean about the handle being uncomfortable. Continue the interesting maximization experiment!

Each outfit is amazing on you. Love the Extra care you have taken the outfit with a coral top and rich dark brown pants has shown me how I can start to move from summer to autumn colors. (Coral with brown).