Extended shoulder tops have been trending here for the last few summers. I initially avoided them because I am broad shouldered and somewhat fearful of items that emphasise that.
Eventually I tried them for practical reasons. I like sleeveless tops in summer, but really dislike exposing my shoulders to the sun. These tops are a good compromise for me for outdoor wear. They give the ventilation of a sleeveless top but with more sun protection.

No 1. Worn to lunch with my mum. Linen top from Country Road (this year). The skirt is also linen. I had the shirt collar converted to a stand collar. (I’m not fond of shirt collars.) I think the stand collar has more drama. I enjoyed playing up the angles in this outfit.

No 2: Worn for coffee and a walk with a friend. Cotton top from Zara (last year). The bag is Michael Kors. Thrifted. My best thrift find yet.

No 3: Cotton top from Seed (2 years ago). I have a few of these in different colours, which I mostly wear dog walking. This is a white one that I dyed teal to match the teal floral skirt. I wore this with black stompy boots which are not quite visible in photo.

Happy weekend everyone. Your thoughts welcome