Three months ago, I joined YLF. I love being here, reading, chatting and looking at all fabulous WIWs. It feels truly great to meet people who love style and fashion as much as I do. I do have some wonderful friends In real life, but unfortunately, none of them is particularly interested in fashion. They say they are, but in fact they are not. I love them anyway, we just talk about other things

Here, fashion, style, wardrobe and outfits are important. And nobody apologizes for caring about style. It is a rather new experience for me. Where I come from, it is more complicated. Recently, I watched an interview on TV with a film critic. It was about a TV show. She said : “excuse me for being shallow, but what I like is that the characters have beautiful clothes”. What a strange thing to say. But not uncommon. People dress nicely, some look fabulous. But they do not talk about it. Complimenting outfits is not very common. I love giving compliments if somebody has a lovely outfit. The recipients usually look happy and then they often start explaining - “the blouse was on sale - really reduced” or “my husband gave me this bag - I would never buy such an extravagant piece myself” or “oh, this is nothing special, an old H&M” and so on. Why is it so hard to say thank you, I like it too...

As much as I believe that we should not apologize for looking fabulous, for investing in great wardrobes and for caring about style and fashion, I unfortunately also find myself kind of apologizing, or at least explaining from time to time (not too seldom actually). When someone comments my many scarves - I could hear me saying ”oh, I am a bit crazy about scarves...I know”. Instead I could say - ”yes, I have a large collection, I love my scarves”.

Why do we need to apologize or explain ourselves when it comes to beautiful clothes? Have you noticed women doing it too? Is it a cultural issue? Do you recognise this fenomenen? And what is your opinion?