Sal 's post about occasion wear capsules struck a chord with me.l don't have an occasion wear capsule mainly because I have very little occasion to use one and it seems from the response s that I am not alone in this.However my once in every 10years invite came in recently when the DH and I were invited to an awards evening by a nominee.
Now when I was younger I would have been delighted by this opportunity to dress up as it was I just felt anxious.It was not worth spending money on what is literally a once a decade outing but on the other hand I wanted to look appropriate for the occasion.
In the end I went with a coast dress that I have very nearly donated a number of times just because I never wear it.l already had the red shoes from Hobbs which I do wear and a furry topper that I bought at a deep discount from Monsoon a few years ago.This is the first time that I have worn it.
I felt that I fitted in OK and didn't let anybody down .l didn't waste money or buy something that I won't wear again but it did cause some anxiety and totally reinforced my hoarding tendencies!
How do you plan ahead for such things?Especially when they may be years apart.I might have grown in between times and I will have definitely aged.
Any wisdom to share,?
Oh,and in case you wondered our host won a life time achievement award in their field so major congrats to them!

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