So, pandemic body changes are A THING, right? Like most folks, I’ve gained some weight in the craziness over the past year and a half. BUT I also became a yoga teacher right before the pandemic hit, and have taken up cardio dance as a hobby, gaining a lot of new muscle shapes on the way. AND I injured my foot in a way that has affected how my shoes fit. nothing fits right. My pants, my shoes, my bras....but I can’t figure out what is just “fluff” (pandemic stress-eating flab that will melt away soon) vs what is new muscle (bigger thighs, bigger shoulders) and bone changes (in the feet). This makes it tough to figure out whether I should hang onto ill-fitting items in hopes that they will fit again later, or just assume that these changes are here for the long term.

I would love to hear from some of you who have taken up a new sport or had an injury that caused body change. How do you adjust to the new body and how long did it take you to ditch things that didn’t fit right anymore? Or did you find that your body eventually “settled” back into its original form?