You're probably thinking, "Is that all she ever wears anymore, that white BDBG blazer?" I wasn't going to wear it tonight, but it just sort of jumped out of the closet at me. Tonight's event was a casual dinner at a local restaurant for my nephew who is home from Marine Reserve basic training and leaving Monday for 9 months. Here's how this outfit came about:

I am very limited in my choice of footwear. The only shoe I can stand to wear is my Converse Hi-Ness wedge because it has about the same heel height as my surgery shoe. Anything else gives me a terrible back ache. I have no other shoe with the same heel height, except for a winter boot (too warm out for that) and a summer sandal (too cool out for that).

With my shoe dilemma in mind, I tried to make this outfit a bit funky. I added the graphic tee, then couldn't choose between two blazers, asked DH, and he chose the BCBG. It looked too dressy with the sleeves down, so scrunched was the way to go.

I'm still not sure if the outfit worked, but for better or worse, it's what I wore. All evening long I kept feeling like my other nephew's girlfriend was staring at me, which made me feel like my outfit must look completely wack-a-doo, but then she piped up and said, "I really like your blazer!" so that made me feel better!

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