Hi YLFers --

Since I've been putting my .02 in on various planning and color thread, I had grand plans to share my attempts to create a spring capsule with you all. Enter lack of light (RAIN!) and time....

  • Having gotten a lot of use out of the 2 tunics in #5-6 last year, I decided to look for similar things I could layer as needed -- in prints with light/white to help tie in my grey grow-out.
  • Please imagine the shirtdresses and tunics swapped around and put over standard neutral black/grey work wear -- dresses, skirt, and pants

[TBD if I work up to a cropped pair of pants!]

I know prints are a love/hate thing, so no worries if you're on the "hate" side!


#1-2: large black/brown/white animal print shirtdress layered over black knit pencil skirt and wool sweater + new moss brown hobo (bought to mark a milestone and b/c I'm busting out of my go-to bag (in #5-6)

#3: Indulging my love of art nouveau-y prints and muted shades from my palette + grey pants + silk longjohns (top) for warmth

#4: Interrupted by a phone call! Small grey/black/white sleeveless shirtdress + grey wool sweater + grey pants (+ "sensible" chunky heels I've had for a few seasons)

#5-6: Prior share from my trip this fall -- tunics and fav old small bag!

#7-8: For fun -- Pantone Spring 2016 + how my usual spring/summer colors have fit in with past Pantone spring shades